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      Trichlorosilane TCS
       Generic names  Trichlorosilane, TCS
       Product name  Trichlorosilane
       Main applications  Intermediary material for epitaxial wafers, polycrystalline silicon,  silicone resin, and organic chemical compounds
       Packing / shipping method  ISO container
       Chemical formula  SiHCl3
       Special properties  Sufficiently high purity for use in semiconductors
      Product overview

      High purity Trichlorosilane has outstanding characteristics of very few impurities and stable qualities. It is used for the high grade polycrystalline silicon.
      Special characteristics

      Has been purified to a high enough degree to be used as an intermediary material for polycrystalline silicon
      At room temperature, trichlorosilane is a colorless, transparent liquid with a pungent odor, and is stable only when stored in tightly sealed containers
      Reacts to moisture in the air by decomposing into corrosive hydrogen chloride gas and silica
      Trichlorosilane is flammable and easily ignites when exposed to air
      Fumed Silica
      Tetrachlorosilane STC
      Trichlorosilane TCS
      Hydrochloric acid

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